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First For New Converts With 'Now That You Are Born Again’ is a missionary initiative, with with the aim to be an all-important tool for global evangelists all around the world these last days.

We are passionate about reaching Christians all over the world, who will also reach and win others to Christ.
We are convinced that when we send this powerful booklet around the world, many more will come to understand the new life in Christ, which is why we are committed to helping individual Christians, evangelists, missionaries and organizations all over the world with materials to help their evangelism and soul-winning activities..


Why This Book


As Christians or missionaries, tasked with the spread of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, we oftentimes during the course of our activities preach the Gospel to those we didn’t plan to meet and we sometimes wish we had all the time in the world to explain to that one person the years of relationship we’ve had with the Lord Jesus and the person of the Holy Spirit.



  • Ousia
    This is a small book that I had the pleasure of reading in one sitting. As a born-again Christian, it reminded me of who I am; my origin, my past, present, and future and so much more. It goes really deep into explaining what it is to be a new creation, the advantages that I have in Christ, my new relationship with God, and how to keep it alive, as well as what to expect from my old life, friends, and habits. It further armours the reader with actions to take when trials, temptations, and persecutions come. As if that was not enough, there is a really in-depth part about who the Holy Spirit is and His function in my life. My understanding of the importance of church services was deepened, so much that I feel like I now have an answer to all such questions I have ever received. Lastly, there is a recommendation of materials to read and listen to, in order to further one's growth in our walk of faith. I am very grateful to God, for giving me the privilege to possess such vital information, especially at such a time as this. I really do recommend this book to any Christian, be it a recently born-again Christian or one who has been on this walk for much longer; it will surely be an eye opener to both. Stay blessed!
  • Kelechi Nwokor
      This book is a fundamental book for every Christian. Recommended 100%
    Kelechi Nwokor
  • Oluwabamise
    I have been blessed by this book. It teaches the ABCs of salvation and encourages one to study the Bible. I recommend it for both old and young Christians
  • Enchill Yawson
    The book changed my life, my understanding of the Word, and the way l should l live my life. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for writing this book. May the Holy Spirit continue to lead you to do things concerning the Kingdom of God
    Enchill Yawson
  • Winteria
    Simple and full of truth Easy to understand. This material applied will yield massive results in our lives.
  • Anonymous user
    Outstanding book. This book is super insightful and it’s a practical guide and instruction for the child of God; both newborns and those who have been born again for a long time but are ignorant about some spiritual truths. It’s just amazing
    Anonymous user
  • Ngcobo
    A great starter for your Christian life and a great reminder of your new life in Christ
  • Shema Landry
    It is a tremendously good book that gives biblical truth on the person who’s born again and it is really really necessary to know who we are in Christ Jesus.
    Shema Landry
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